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A Quick Quiz to Challenge All Rummy Experts Online

We often come across people who boast of their superior knowledge in rummy gaming. These people tend to show off their skills in Indian rummy online games and often put you off by their boastfulness. So, how to make such individuals uncomfortable? The simple answer is challenge them at their own game. You can ask them some quick questions regarding online rummy gaming and see how they sweat their boastfulness off. So, are you ready to come up with a quick round of questions to annoy such people? Here we go:

First Ask Them the Simplest Questions to Make Them Feel Chillax:

If you really wish to hit them where it hurts, first start by pampering their ego about knowledge on rummy. Ask them questions that any rummy player would easily answer. Here we have listed down a few of these:

What is a natural sequence?

What is a Pulled-out Joker?

What is the difference between a real sequence and natural sequence?

What is a meld?

What are the different types of sets and sequences formed in rummy?

Now, when you have got them to feel comfortable and happy, go to the next set of questions. Make sure these are questions that require a little bit of remembering and thinking. Prepare questions for people who play online real money earning games as well as those who excel in these games offline.

What are the types of Indian Rummy Games Based on Cards Distributed?

What is Points Rummy?

What is Deals Rummy?

What is Pool Rummy?

How to Pass in Rummy Card Games?

What is a Pulled-out Joker?

It is possible that some of these questions prove too easy for them to answer while some others make them think for a while. Try to understand how these experts react to these questions. If they are already racking their brains, they are going to bang their heads against the wall when you pose the next round of questions.

You have asked about the basics of the game. You have posed a few questions regarding the terminology of the game. Now, it is time to test their strategizing skills in the favourite game. So, ask them questions about the game playing. Here we have listed out a few questions that need to be answered wisely. Check them out:

How to Make A Valid Pure Sequence Using Pulled-out Jokers?

How to Make Natural Sequences with Cards of the Same Value?

What are the maximum points you can lose in a game of rummy?

Why is Rummy Called a Skills Game?

How to Reduce Points in Rummy?

Why is Rummy Referred to As A Game of Draw and Discard?

What is a First Drop in the Context of Online Rummy Gaming?

What is One Round of Rummy?

What is the maximum number of cards you can use for a sequence?

What are duplicate cards and why should they be discarded?

To be able to answer all the above listed questions, one needs not just acumen but also practice. So, the person who can clear all the rounds of this immaculately prepared quiz is sure to be best at ultimate rummy online play.

Some Instant Tips to Make the Quiz Session Even More Challenging:

Here are some additional tips that will help you if you have many rummy players in your circles who regard themselves as experts:

  • Make the last round a rapid-fire round
  • Give 100 real rummy chips to the winner of all rounds
  • Keep penalty for people who do not clear a round
  • Let the winner of the quiz be the rummy boss

A player always looks forward to rewards and challenges to make the game more interesting. The additional tips are strategized keeping this factor in mind.