Beninqui GaGne

Apple plans switch to USB-C for future iPhones, iPod resurrection

An interesting report from the supply chain blog Mac Otakara just came in saying that Apple is planning on phasing out its Lightning port on iPhones in favor of the standard UBS-C connector.

According to Mac Otakara’s inside sources, the engineers are already working on a reference design, but it may not make the deadline for the 2019 iPhones so we may only see it in 2020 iPhones.

In addition, the source claims to have gathered plenty of information from suppliers at CES pointing to the fact that Apple aims to revive its iPod lineup as well. The new iPod is said to be aimed at runners and other fitness enthusiasts.

It’s all just rumors for now, but Mac Otakara has some success with predicting future products based on its supply chain sources so there might be at least some truth to it.