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InVision Releases ‘The New Design Frontier’ Report

InVision Releases 'The New Design Frontier' Report

Invision has released a report that looks into the business value of design at a time where more companies are undergoing digital transformation and turning to design to survive.

Most reports looking at design maturity are outdated and don’t reflect where the market is today, often ignoring the startups that are leaders in design and forcing their legacy competitors to catch up. InVision’s study includes 2200+ organizations and identifies specific activities and behaviors most correlated with organizations that are creating better business outcomes with design.

The report shows that not all design dollars are equal and simply throwing more designers at the problem won’t solve things. In fact, companies who are middling in terms of design maturity have teams that are 2x as large as average. Organizations who experience the highest ROI instill a data-driven design approach and successfully integrate design into their business strategy.

InVision’s report differentiates high-performing design organizations and identifies specific activities and behaviors companies can take to evolve their design practice and build a better bottom line.