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One of our favorite gaming chairs is on sale for $138

Respawn 200

Where do you do most of your gaming? On the couch? At your desk? No matter your answer, you could probably use a nice, new gaming chair. Whether you’re trying to save your back, keep comfortable during long periods of time, or just want to color match the other things in your home with a new piece of furniture, this deal is definitely something to consider.

Amazon is currently running one of our favorite gaming chairs, the Respawn 200, for just $138 right now, which is $77 off its normal price of $215. That’s 36 percent off what it typically goes for.

The Respawn 200 gaming chair comes in five different colors: gray, blue, green, red, and white, so you can match it to your gaming setup. It’s also comfortable, most importantly, and its ‘racer’ aesthetic keeps it in-line with the look most gaming enthusiasts have come to expect from chairs like these. It’s worth grabbing one, especially if you’re not getting any younger (like yours truly) and a regular office chair just isn’t doing it anymore.

While the blue color (shown here) is the most heavily discounted at the moment, the other colors are currently offered at other discounts as well; the black and red chairs have the smallest discount at only $20 off, but you can save an extra $7.29 if you apply the coupon before adding it to your cart.

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