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Postpaid mobiles active in Valley, no Net for now

Image result for Postpaid mobiles active in Valley, no Net for nowSrinagar:

After 70 days of communication blockade, postpaid mobile services were restored in the Valley today. People were seen calling up friends and relatives as the service was reactivated around 11.45 am.

“I finally managed to call my sister in Delhi after 70 days. She broke down on hearing my voice,” said Imtiyaz Ahmad, a local.

Chaos was witnessed at offices of mobile operators where people queued up for new connections or clearing bills. On October 12, government spokesperson Rohit Kansal had said services would resume on Monday noon, adding there were 40 lakh postpaid subscribers.

There is, however, no word on restoration of prepaid services. The Internet blockade imposed on August 5 remains.